A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Be the Garbage Collector.

Your role is to free incoming memory before the system runs out of RAM and suffers a catastrophic crash. Watch your CPU usage, because cleaning up memory is an expensive process, and pushing the PC to the limits will result in some significant slow down.


  • Easy to play arcade action
  • Retro art style
  • Don't be too trigger happy, or you'll find yourself maxing out your CPU
  • Full controller support

Created for the 40 Hour "Make a Thing" Jam, this is a twin stick shooter inspired by the words.

  • Alarm
  • Limits
  • Dependent

Install instructions


  1. Download memorywarning-pc.zip and uncompress
  2. Run memorywarning.exe
  3. Play with keyboard or controller


  1. Download memorywarning-osx.zip and uncompress
  2. Copy memorywarning to your applications folder.
  3. Run memorywarning


memorywarning_pc.zip 10 MB
memorywarning_osx.zip 12 MB